Somebody call 911

On Saturday our local high school hosted an Indoor Color Guard and Percussion competition.  Throughout the day we had 69 local schools and private groups come to our school to perform their show and hopefully spend some money at our concessions.  (trust me, we need all the money we can get for band).  Now, notice key words here..indoor..color guard (they dance, twirl flags, swords, rifles)...percussion (keyboard, drums, cymbals, marching).  Did any of my words include CONTACT SPORT???  Well, what if I told you we had to call the freaking paramedics not once but four times!!  Yes, four times!  It has to be a record.  I almost lost my shit.  So you may be asking yourself, why would color guard girls pass out, have anxiety attacks, asthma attacks and blow a knee out?  Well, let me just tell you..they take twirling flags seriously.  Like, it's the end of the world if they drop anything!  No, you don't understand.  They will cry their ass off for hours over dropping a flag until someone, mainly their director goes over in their face and tells them to get it together, it's not the end of the world.  But to them it is.  Poor things.  So, they practice, practice, practice all day and they don't eat correctly or hydrate throughout the day.  Plus, it was hot on Saturday and they practice outside.  The performance is inside in the gym.  As soon as they perform, the body shuts down and BOOM!  They go down like bowling pins.  Somebody call 911..another color guard girl is down.  Later in the day after awards and before the gym was cleared another one blew her knee out while just twirling around with her friends.  Somebody call 911!  Again, for the 4th fucking time. Seriously, I can't make this shit up.  Again, my life as a reality show.  Then, while they have knee girl on the stretcher another one goes down in the bathroom.  WTF?  I've been at this school since 6am someone please let this shit end.  Now, please don't think I'm talking bad about color guard.  I love our color guard girls.  You will never know how many hours they practice to prepare for their show.  Yes, they cry at the drop of a flag but I love those girls.  They even let me give them pep talks before they take the floor.  You ready for it?  Here is my pep talk.."Don't suck as bad as you did last time".  boom!  what?  I'm just keeping it real.  So, overall we had a great day besides keeping the paramedics busy for the day.  Let me just make it clear that no paramedic was called out during the time the percussion groups attended in the evening.  Hmmm!  why is that?  btw, little b performed with his group and scored their highest score yet!

It was a long ass day.  sorry this post has nothing to do with fitness.  i did talk some people out of the funnel cake..don't they know it has 760 calories and 44grams of fat.  that shit will go right to your ass!  I know.  hubby tells me all the time i take the fun out of eating.  too bad.  somebody has to tell the peeps just what they are eating.  we had a nice little fit-bit contest between the band moms.  I of course forgot to charge mine and I'm not sure who won but i do know our director walked 17 miles that day. crazy right???

welcome to my band world!