Balance..the key to all movement!

Tomorrow I will make another appearance on Charlotte Today, NBC at 11am.  The topic for this segment is BALANCE..the key to all movement!  Why did I chose this topic??  Pretty simple.  Do you ever look around and notice the amount of people that struggle to get in and out of a chair, in and out of a car, fall on an uneven surface or pretty much cannot hold one leg up to tie their shoes.  What are they lacking?  Balance!  Just like you train all your muscle groups you must include balance training.  Now I could bore you with a bunch of research and statistics about why you should include balance training in your training, but honestly who wants to read that shit when you can google it right?  So, I'll give you the real reason why you should balance train..because when my ass is 70-80 years old I want to be able to get on and off the pot by myself.  Keeping it real people!  

When I first started training one of my oder clients (if I told you her age she'd kill me so let's just say that she is between 68-75) the first thing she said to me was that she wanted to be able to put her pants (and yes, underwear too) on without holding on to the furniture.  We started with strengthening her core and progressing through the balance exercises I have listed below and each week I watched her get stronger and stronger.  I always start each of my training sessions with 10 minutes of combined core and balance exercises.  Now, 1 year later she is able to walk in a straight line, go for longer walks, hold a plank for 2 minutes and put her pants on without holding on to the furniture!  Balance training has increased her quality of life.  As we get older our balance decreases and our risk of falling increases.  Now, didn't you just think of that commercial.."I've fallen and I can't get up". I bet if that lady would have been balance training she wouldn't have fallen.  I was going to say that bitch lady but thought it was inappropriate..oh well, there you go I said!   

Now, for tomorrow only, January 30, 2017 ..I'm calling it my Charlotte Today me through the website and I'll offer you a "Buy 3 sessions get 2 Free"..cost per session is $50.00 for 45-50 minutes.  

A good balance training program is progressive. You will want to start with easier exercises, and then move on to more difficult exercises as your balance improves over time.  Also, change your surface..floor, foam board, Bosu, etc.  Close your eyes too!  

Beginner level:

Single leg stance variations

Single-leg lift and chop

Intermediate level:

Single leg squat

Single leg Deadlift

Advanced level:

Single leg hop with Stabilization

Single leg hops

I'll attach the video segment tomorrow evening so you can see each movement.  But, as always I'm here to help you in your journey and as always..ROCK ON!