Sticking to your 2018 Fitness Goals

Happy 2018!  We made it through another year!  

Tomorrow I will be on Charlotte Today show talking about sticking to your 2018 Fitness Goals.  Notice I didn't say "New Year's Resolution" because I want you to think of this as a lifestyle change.  You can't keep waking up on New Years day and go "yes, this is the year I'm getting fit".  That does not work!  Trust me.  I see it every year.  All the newbies at the gym January 1st looking all cute in their new workout clothes they got for Christmas and then by mid February you never see them again.  Where the hell do they go?  Are they lost?  

Well, I've compiled a list of 5 strategies that can help you stick to your 2018 Fitness goals for the long term..not the short term.  I'm going to give them to you short, sweet and in my usual "flare" sassy and sarcastic too!  If you can't handle it just stop reading now. Enjoy!  (This is not how I will present them tomorrow on Charlotte Today show..otherwise they would never have me back..LOL!)

1.  Start small - You haven't worked out all year.  Your "New Year's Resolution" is to run 5 miles a day.  Really?  You honestly think your ass is getting up at 4am to run 5 miles when you haven't done shit in regards to working out for a year.  Good luck with that!  Start small..otherwise you risk injury too.

2.  Join a group or workout with a buddy- this way you are held accountable and trust me, if you don't show up they will talk about your lazy ass.

3.  Try out different workouts - Workouts should not be boring and you should enjoy your workouts.  If you haven't found that one thing that keeps you coming back for more try something different like TRX, pilates, barre...something that keeps you interested and wanting to go back for more.  

4.  Add it to your calendar - you mark off time for boring work meetings, activities for the kids, wine tasting with da girls, so why not mark off time to workout??  And make sure you keep it.  Nothing should come before your workouts.  Wait, unless you can meet Bruno Mars for a drink then yes, screw the workout..hello Bruno!

5.  Move every day- for goodness sake people..just move.  This is not brain surgery or rocket science..just get your ass up and move.  Whether it's 20 minutes of dancing with the kids or a 10 minute walking break at work..MOVE!   

There you go!  Just some ideas to keep you on the right path.  If I can help you in any other way please feel free to reach out and set up your free consultation and workout!

As always keep rockin!