It's never too late! Bring it on 2019!

In my mid-40s I decided to go on this adventure of personal training and totally change my career path.  Let’s face that time in my life I was working out to try and ward off the weight gain, hot flashes and mood swings of being pre-menapausal.  So, I studied my ass off for 6 months and received my NASM Personal Training Certification.  With the help of my ever supportive Hubby (who somehow puts up with my crazy ideas) we turned our dining room into a workout space where I would start training clients.  Did I have fancy gym equipment?  Nope!  Basically, I purchased some dumbbells, a bench, stability balls, bands, stepper, about 3 kettlebells and of course, my TRX strap. My awesome neighbor even found me a used rope at a garage sale.  That was it.  Was I worried?  Could I give my clients a great workout without the usual “fancy” gym equipment?  Ummm..hell yes!  We would use the little equipment I had, body weight exercises and TRX to get them to their best health!

Jenn and Lisa getting after it!

Jenn and Lisa getting after it!

My first clients that came to the house…Jenn and Lisa!  Two friends that agreed to two days a week at 5:30AM.  They came in every morning ready to give it their all.  With little equipment I had they started to notice changes…more definition in their arms, biceps started popping up (hello gun show) definition in the quads, abs getting a little more toned and the booty started lifting!  All with minimal equipment and using mostly their body weight.  And the best thing….we had so much fun!  We laughed, bitched about the latest kid that was working on our nerves, danced and sang along to our favorite 80s jam!  

At this point I had 5 clients that I was training out of my house.   I knew I needed to grow my business especially since I wanted to offer barre and TRX classes.  I found a small gym where I could rent space and had great success for a year and a half.  Still longing to offer barre and TRX classes I knew I needed to find a bigger space.  Yes, the thought to open my own gym has come to my mind, but hello!!!  I have 2 kids in college..not gonna happen right now.  I was really struggling on how I was going to make this happen.  And like an angel above I was offered an opportunity to rent space at Metro 51 Fitness.  Whoop! Whoop!  It was 4,000 square feet of  workout space!  So in October, 2018 I took the leap and changed locations.  I was worried about everything.  Would my clients like the new space? Would it be convenient to them?  Could I increase my business?  Yes, yes and yes.  

Launch Party, January 12, 2019  Photo by: Danielle Gallo

Launch Party, January 12, 2019

Photo by: Danielle Gallo

2018 was a BIG year for me.  Not only did I grow my business by moving locations but I turned 50 in June!  People…it is never too late to start on a new adventure in life.  Yes, I’m still trying to ward off the weight gain, hot flashes and mood swings now that I’m post menopausal.  Trust me, it is a never ending cycle.  But ,for my future self, I’m thankful to have been on this journey.  Thankful that at 50 I can live my best life and do what I love every day and be surrounded by my awesome clients too!  (Ummm, I think I just got a little too sappy, hold on let me rephrase it..Get your Ass up and move!)

Rock on peeps!