Location Change! Here we go!

I read a quote a few months ago…”in the waves of change we find our direction”.  Trust me, I’m not one to get all sappy over quotes but this one really stuck with me.  I kept thinking about this quote and how most people don’t like change.  I have always been a person that can go with the flow…in my 28 years of marriage we’ve moved 6 times to 6 different states, jobs have changed..dance director, dance teacher, elementary school teacher, assistant elementary school teacher and OMG at one point I worked at a daycare.  I’ve handled the change of my boys going off to college, my best friends that have moved away from Charlotte and most recently moving my training business to another location.  But, my go with the flow attitude I realized cannot be forced on others, especially when it comes to my business.  My clients come first!  Every decision I make I need to put their needs first even if that means we are changing locations again! 

You are probably thinking..Lynn, seriously, you are moving training locations again?  Well, yes!  And guess what?  It is the BEST decision I can make for my clients.  We are going back to where it all started for DatFit.  I’m so fortunate to announce that DatFit will be training at Ultra Sports Performance and Pilates of Charlotte.  

Starting on Monday, May 13th we will be back in the Ballantyne area training all private and semi private clients at Ultra Sports Performance.  

TRX class at Pilates of Charlotte

TRX class at Pilates of Charlotte

TRX and Barre will take place at Pilates of Charlotte.  Talk about going home..taught my first TRX class at Pilates of Charlotte almost 6 years ago!  I’m super excited to offer TRX and Barre at this location.  Especially barre..the barre is secured to the wall..Oh think of the torture I can do!

So, there you have it.  The BIG secret is out!  I’m excited, nervous and anxious to start this new journey.

Now I’m the one who needs to embrace change, but I’m pretty sure we are headed in the right direction!

You can join in on a TRX and Barre class on the following days at Pilates of Charlotte:

TRX-Tuesday/Thursday 10am and 5:30pm

TRX-Saturday 10am

Barre-Saturday 9am

As always first class is always free!

Or, if you want some personal training or small group training you can visit me at Ultra Sports Performance.


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