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Personal Trainer in Charlotte, NC

Creating healthy habits you can be proud of.

Spending time alone at the gym can be monotonous. Lynn’s one-to-one approach to her training is all inclusive and authentic.


If you’re looking for a non repetitive experience to your fitness class, DatFit is for you. Each class is geared towards bringing out the best in YOU. Join Lynn today in a Barre or TRX based class!









As a prior school teacher and retired dancer, Lynn offers a unique approach to her training. Free weight and bodyweight exercises are at the forefront of her training methodology, which is where the integration of Barre and TRX began. Creating an environment where all can succeed is Lynn’s highest priority during her sessions.


Let’s get your booty kicked into gear!

With Barre and TRX classes available throughout the week, DatFit has a training schedule that fits in your busy day.